LoCOS - Loving Care for the Oppressed Society

An Organization for Social Empowerment

About Us

LoCOS-Loving Care for the Oppressed Society, founded in 1998 by some concerned, dedicated and humanitarian social workers, development practitioners and benevolent local youths, has been working and contributing for a comprehensive and sustainable development for the underprivileged, marginalized and disaster-hit people of the Southwest Region of Bangladesh. This organization focuses and emphasizes on the activities that are conducive to reducing poverty; ensuring food security, health and education; building self-confidence of the community’s occupationally marginalized rural poor people by arranging technical support for income generating activities; establishing equal rights for men and women; raising issue based awareness; and guaranteeing sustainable agriculture through biodiversity conservation involving local community in the shape of non-profit, non-government and voluntary approach.
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
Disaster and Climate Change
WASH, Health & Nutrition